Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mini Market's Shelf Assembly /Gondola Shelving [island units]

by Secondbiz Engineer


see item inworld second life

Mini Market's Shelf Assembly /Gondola Shelving [island units]

[Role play]- low prim
for Store ,super market,mini market and shopping mall

each unit with product display only 1 land impact [1 prim]

A) End Gondola shelving -1 prim
B) 3 ft Gondola shelving - 1 prim
C) 4 ft Gondola Shelving -1 prim

Script -copy version

click the product display to hide [make it transparent]
or click it to show out [make it visible]

# 100% mesh
# 1 land impact for each Gondola
# Low prim low LOD -visible for all
# all Texture map /shadow  is in the object content [ Full perm]

Coming Soon .....wall Gondola shelving,Chiller,and cashier counter.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


by Lim Pikajuna

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Click HERE to see the item in world secondlife

# 100% Mesh
# 64 meter X 64 meter = 4096 Land
# 136 land impacts
# 1. Go Kart Track,
   2. 2 storey spectators seats building ,
   3. Elevator ,
   4. Helipad
   5.Terrain /grass,
   6. Tunnel /led colorful light
   7. Race Track Fence
   8. Road Sign
   9. mini billboard
  10. Game Light board
  11. score board
  12. Go kart Rezzer [8 difference color]
  13. Tire Barrier,
  14. circuit main entrance.
 15. Stadium Lamp post [Stadium Floodlights]
 16. teleport system. click  Stadium Lamp post will sent you back to the circuit center.
 17.Environment Sound--ambient / crowd sound /Horn /gun fire sound

# All the texture map is in the Object Content [Full Perm]

** Vendor**  you can delete it anyway. it only 5 land impact

2  Vendor  at kart service room .. [you can earn 20% of every sale form there]

## GAME ##

1. rezzer Go Kart [car]--Speed Lap
2. click -- "click me to countdown " [Game Over]
     to start the game .

3. 98 second for a game [ how many speed lap for 98 second]
4. or racing.

How to setup the Elevator :-

Monday, March 6, 2017

Tiki Lounge II - for wedding ceremony ,fishing house, Jazz Lounge, Disco and club

By huang Wiranata

Tiki Lounge II Version 1.0
Actual Price : L$1288.

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Click HERE to see item in world second life

-100% MESH-structure
-2 storey -1 entrance walkway [Footbridges]-5  tiki kiosk surrounding
-21.5 Meters tall
-116 prims [structure]
-40m x 50m Base/Footprint -for 4096 land and above

good for wedding ceremony ,fishing house, Jazz Lounge, Disco and club

Copy and modify version.

How to rez your building from the package:

bring the Tiki lounge from your inventory and put it at your water land center.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Max City for 256 X 256 HomeStead SIM

By Lim Pikajuna

Complete SIM CITY Build up [with full furnished and Stuff ]

Get your MaxCity of Entertainment Package everything from

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Click HERE to see The city in world SL

This is not for beginners and it requires patience to get right!
Click HERE to see how to rez this Full Sim City

1. THE SHIP HOTEL-Click for Detail

  [26 rent able hotel room/beach/swimming pool/gym room/office/meeting room/
  /teleport system /staircase/elevator/garden/Helipad and discotheque] including all furniture.

2. C-FI MIAMI CONDO-MALL-Click for Detail

16 story Condo and retail store [12 units rent able condo/6 units retail store/elevator
 /teleport system /top floor sky-rail station and Capsule tour  station/Shopping mall or Casino 2 story /driveway/swimming pool/children play ground/basketball court/ escalator and elevator]

3. Hillside Villa - Click for Detail

[4 units Luxury rent able Villa /mega retail store/swimming pool/driveway/staircase /dock and helipad], Car-porch/Living/Dining/Kitchen/staircase/Bedroom/Balcony and bathroom.[including furniture(use house controller)]

4.Water chalet - Click for Detail

 [8 units rent able Chalet and footbridge][living sofa set/dining set/balcony set/bathroom-shower-basin-toilet bowl/
    plant/bedroom with bed and win blind [use house controller]

5.Jazz lounge - Click for Detail

 [ teleport system/bar counter/dance floor/piano/dance ball/furniture 4 VIP room
                        and Suspension Bridge]


6.Sky II Disco club - Click for Detail

Discotheque at sky - full furnishes/DJ gear/Dj counter/dance floor/disco lighting/bar counter and teleport [use house controller]

7. Wedding Church - Click for Detail

   [Building /landscape/Church Furniture/plan/lamp and bell [use house controller to rez]

8.Water Sport 

 [Dock with roofing/Boat Tour/Solar Boat rezzer/paddle boat rezzer and teleport system]

9.Road/driveway/bridge and Car park

 Villa "S"Bridge/Penang Bridge/coastal path/Lamp Pole /and water chalet Entrance Platform
                  Street drive-way.

10.Hilltop castle

 Castles /Buddha Statue/Hillside cafe /Swimming pool /bungalow /sky-rail station and railway station

11.Sea gull flying 


13. small off sim island surrounding the sim
14.water effect,wave
15. 1 prim Holodeck rezzer for buddha statue and fountain/coconut tree/tree and landscape
16.Max City teleport system ,

Theme Park

1.Bumper Car /DJ counter
2.Go kart Circuit and Go kart Game
3. Basketball court

1. Solar Tour Boat /Solar Boat and Paddle Boat
2. Capsule Tour  and  lander station
3.Monorail and 5 station
4. Sky rail /cable and 5 sky rail Station [Cable Car]
5. hillside railway "track" /staircase and 3 railway station [third party product=Train L$600]not including- buy from here =http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yeodeol/24/78/57

21.full landscape and full island setup only in 3070 prims.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Activate the Elevator

How to Activate the Elevator :-

move your camera into the elevator  car.
click the number display . and select  SETUP.

C-Fi Miami Condominium

by Lim Pikajuna

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Click HERE to see condo in world second life.

 -Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system
 -SL TV 
 -Use Condor Elevator- setup Elevator

 # 100% Mesh
# 16 storey condo/Mall- building side
#104mx52m Base/Footprint[143m tall]
# 478 land impacts
# 2 story proposed for Casino or Shopping mall or .........
# 6 Story -12 Units Luxury Condo [ use Rezzer Controller]
                 - 75 land impact for each condo furniture. 
# 6 story - 6 units Retail Store
# Swimming Pool
# Children Play ground
# Basketball court.
# Escalator and Elevator
# driveway
# House controller for every unit Condo:-
                                                                  1. rental bot-click HERE for detail
                                                                  2.Kool Door-click HERE for detail
                                                                  3.Living area
                                                                  4. Dining Area
                                                                                -Kitchen Cabinet /Kitchen table
                                                                                -Basin /tap/ refrigerator/Microwave/Oven
                                                                                 Gas Stove Hood and kitchen Stool
                                                                  6. Office-click HERE for detail
                                                                  7. Bedroom-bedroom closet-Click HERE for detail
                                                                  8. Bathroom/toilet-Click HERE for detail
                                                                  9. bed room -shower room
                                                                  10 .Balcony - beach chair -click HERE for detail

 all building texture map is in the object content [full perm]

-Comes fully copy able and Modify able
-Except some script and animation pose can not modify
-New, Modern, and original Architecture
-No refunds on Copy able Items.

# Kitchen and Bathroom

# Living,Office ,indoor garden and Balcony
 # Bed room,Shower Room and Closet

# Top roof,helipad, mall second floor and main entrance

 # Swimming Pool

 # Basketball court.