Sunday, June 9, 2013

Swing Tower fan with rotated wind rotor.

by Litith Hermit and Andyy Zapatero

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Texture map for controller
Texture map for back cover
Bake Map for frame
MESH- Max Tower Fan

#100% mesh prim
#Wind rotor in the fan is rotated
# 1 land impacts for tower fan without swing
# 2 land impacts for tower fan [swing when click it ON/Off]
# select face to change the fan  colors you want
    [right click the body-edit-edit menu-check select face-
    select texture-select color -change.]
# with swing and rotation script.[copy perm]
# bake and texture map [full perm]

 ****How to rotated to the position you want ****[reset the script]

 1.stop the fan to swing
 2.right click rotate the fan to the position.
 3.goto top bar menu select -build-Script-reset script.

Design by Yang Yang [10 years old boy]

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