Sunday, July 14, 2013

secondlife Monorail

by Lim Pikajuna

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City Monorail System-Park
# 100% Mesh except the Column use sculpted prims
# Low Impact
#  Monorail car - 24 land impact
# capacity -8 passengers  .touch the car and sit in.
# 5 type of Monorail Stations .each one have difference land impacts.
    see the photo  below:-
# 7 monorail track 10 meter,20 meter,30 meter,40 meter,50 meter ,64 meter and 90 degree round track
    - but you can re-size all the track to fit your design.

# How to activated the car #

1..type in the coordinates” XYZ “in the note-card [in car content]

   -"coordinates XYZ" where the car was pass through-

2..Move the car to the start point

3..type in ”/22go” in your local chat box to activated the car


Watch Tutorial Video :-

** 5 type of monorail station.
# 2 sitting pose for each station
# difference stair each station
# design your own poster /advertisement
# all the texture map is in the station content.  [in full perm]

1 land Impact Track [sl prim]


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