Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dataran Square clock Tower KL

by Lim Pikajuna

Dataran Square Tower [heritage]

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# 100% mesh
# 1710 prims-
# Footprint  [106X68 meter]including landscape
# all the texture map is in the prim content.
# use Rez bot...
# good for role play/shopping mall/hotel/ Mosque

if you only need one face you can modify it .and save up 855 prims or more

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  1. hello i really like this building and it was the perfect addition to my sim ,I was able to set it up with 8 apartments on upper level and a shopping mall below .I would like to purchase the light brick texture from you so my work blends in to your own also I purchased the stair cases from you and wondered if a strait section of matching railing could be purchased too,thank you for your help Cindy Vansluten-(bigbolt sl