Thursday, December 26, 2013

Moving/Exploded Humvee Target

by Magnum Beltis

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Moving/Exploded  Humvee Target
 with 1 Humvee gunman and 1 driver-you can sit into Humvee too.

***2 type Exploding Humvee -please watch the video ***

# 28 prim each
# 100%mesh
# very detail
# exploding
# Fire
# sound effect
# 1 gun man and 1 driver
# animate Wheel

* How to Active the car move around a sim *
open _coordinates note card , inserted coordinates X:Y:Z position
where the car move around into the note card : example "coord =  <226 .245="" 104.178="" 2784.272="">"
move a car to starting point ,then type into the local chat box "/11start"  to activate the car to move.

please watch the tutorial Video:-


## Exploded Humvee 1 ##
Shooting at this exploding Humvee you much use the Bullet's it name "Bullet".
it will start smoke...heavy smoke ...then exploded ,continues to burn after exploded.
After 30 seconds later it re-rezzes back .

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## Exploded Humvee 2 ##
Shooting at this exploding Humvee. It explodes and fly into the air in a ball of fire,A huge pyrotechnic and sound effect ensues, continues to burn after land.After 30 seconds later it re-rezzes back ,

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