Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old Fishing House with dock

by Lim Pikajuna

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2 Story Fishing House with Dock

[Swamp House]
#100% MESH
#15 land Impact
# size 15 meter X 23 meter good for 512 land.
#[full perm] texture map is in the item content.
#Copy and modify version - you can size and change texture /color
#Low LOD
# Free sculpted Tire Bumper [copy and modify]
# Free -given,welcome note and visitor list script [ full Perm]
[ setup your welcome note and given your landmark
so you can keep track of who enters the building.]

# Fishing House 2 [8 pcs Structure Link]=38 Land Impact

   1. Ground Floor structure
   2. 1st Floor Structure
   3. Roof Top
   4. Roof
   5. canopy
   6. Pillar
   7. footbridge
   8. Staircase

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