Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Japanese Nobis 's House

by Nobis Yang [ Andyy Zapatero]

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Old Japanese House.

[2 bed room/Living Room /Kitchen/Lobby/Laundry/Bathroom and Toilet.

 Low Prim and Low LOD

# 100% Mesh
#size =19.5 meter X 16.5 meter X high 9 meter
# 83 land impact [ 2 story house/Fencing /Window and Door]
# all the texture map is in the object content.[Full Perm]
# Use Kool Door Script [16 door]         
# Use Caspertech Rez system

# Use Kool Door Script - door content
    add your friend Name to this note card [-My doors access list]
      to allow them to use the door if you set the door  to "Owner"
# Use Caspertech Rez system =
      1. take out the  " Rez - Yang House[84] Version 1.0"
         put in your land .then click it select  "Rez"
      2. Move rez bot  to where the house in the position.
      3. click the rez bot to select  "Finish" when done
      4. then delete Rez bot . .....enjoy.
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