Tuesday, November 29, 2016

MaxCity-Rez in a min

by Lim Pikajuna

How to build up a Max City in Full Sim:-

1. Take Out " SIMREZ" from your inventory
2. Make sure the direction is same  with the rezzer please see the pic below :-

2. put it at Sim center- position- X: 128 Y :128 Z:20   - for Ground island
                                                    X:128 Y:128 Z:700   - for Sky 700 meter high [Sky City]
3. sit on the "SIMREZ"
4. then  touch the  [Building Picture] one by one to rez .
5. click Save when rez finish, and continue for another ....
6. when all finish rez ....you can delete the "SIMREZ"....Done.

** some time the rez is hang or stop working .remember ,just move a bit up/down the "SIMREZ"
     example X:128 Y128 Z 20.001 ..then set it back to  Z20. it will continue work.#cause by computer lagging problem # **

Please watching the tutorial video below :-

Full Max City Map as below:-

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