Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mini Market's Shelf Assembly /Gondola Shelving [island units]

by Secondbiz Engineer


see item inworld second life

Mini Market's Shelf Assembly /Gondola Shelving [island units]

[Role play]- low prim
for Store ,super market,mini market and shopping mall

each unit with product display only 1 land impact [1 prim]

A) End Gondola shelving -1 prim
B) 3 ft Gondola shelving - 1 prim
C) 4 ft Gondola Shelving -1 prim

Script -copy version

click the product display to hide [make it transparent]
or click it to show out [make it visible]

# 100% mesh
# 1 land impact for each Gondola
# Low prim low LOD -visible for all
# all Texture map /shadow  is in the object content [ Full perm]

Coming Soon .....wall Gondola shelving,Chiller,and cashier counter.

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