Friday, September 29, 2017

DealerShip Showroom and Garage

by Lim Pikajuna

Car Showroom or Vehicle Showroom and Garage


# 112 land impact  [building structure and landscape]
    a.  2 story showroom, office and big sign board
    b. staircase /railing to 1st floor show room
    c. big garage with windows and roller shutter door [for public or give perm]
    d. Ramp up for entrance showroom and ramp up for 1st floor showroom.
    e. packing lot and landscaping -hedge and palm tree.
# 128meter X 64 meter Base.
# Using Auto-REZ FAUX system
# Using Kool Doors system - for swing glass door and Roller shutter door.

How to rez the Motor showroom-Garage use Auto-Rez Faux System

1) Take out [rez-motor showroom2017 V1.0] (Package Crate)from your inventory
put it at your land center ( where do you want to put your building)

2) Click on the Package Crate and select 'Rez'.

3) Edit the Package Crate and move it to adjust the location of the build.

4) Click on 'Derez' to put the build away(delete) or

5) click 'Save' to lock that build into place. Once it is saved, it cannot be moved again
or Derezed.

NOTE: If you do not 'Save' a build you have 'Rez'ed it will disappear when the Package Crate is removed. Be sure to 'Save' when finished in order to conserve sim resources,

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