Friday, January 9, 2015

Bumper Car Arena[Amusement Ride]2

by Secondbiz Engineer

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AutoScooter Amusement
Normal Price : L$1200
before you buy, please test it in Inworld with your friend.

#base area =64X18 meter
# Amusement +Kiosk + DJ Gear use Mesh prim.
# Car and Rezzer use sculpted primitive
# whole arena are 43 prims.......(it is quite low prims) prim and save money
# DJ Kiosk, DJ Gear, DJ animation pose,[ Radio Station /Script]
#Including Bumper Car
[no prim is counted whatever you rez a car,ball and box]
multi-color selection.
use menu driven
use remote [click to select the color and rez a car]
a driver seat and a passenger seat,[ride and sitting poses]
when stand up.... the car will automatic disappear
the music will be played while riding the bumper car.
you also can rez a ball or box
enjoy it

how to use the DJ Gear  Click  this  Link

###How to Rez a building#####

To rez your building from the package:

1. Rez the Rez-package box ,put it at land center and move it up 3 meter hight.

2.  Click it and select "Rez" from the menu.  Wait while the entire structure rezzes in a pile and then snaps into position.

3.  Move and rotate the package box as you please, and watch your build move to match it.

4. When you're done, click "Save", which will freeze your build into position.  You may then delete the Rez-package. 

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