Saturday, January 17, 2015

Magic Planter Box[Full Perm]

by Karen Tracy

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please watch video to find out what is magic  planter box and tutorial.

  Magic Planter Box-use menu driven

# 100% Mesh -LOW PRIM LOW LOD
# 2 land impacts
# 8  different plants [click and select in menu]
# with environment sound [bird sound]
# Copy/Modify version
# with texture map and shadow map in object content [full perm]
# if you Copy the Planter Box  you have to change the channel [please watch tutorial video]
#  Full perm script /texture and mesh . 

#Therms of use: For Full permission product.
By purchasing product you agree to do not resell this magic planter box full perms,
you can use and sell them for your own creation. do not give it as full perms for free.
according with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) any violation of these terms
will be considered an infringement of our copyrighted and intellectual materials and will be prosecuted.

LOD Test:-

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