Thursday, July 23, 2015

TukTuk Tour Cart -Rezzer

by Lim Pikajuna

Tuk Tuk Tour  Cart

*** Important***
Please try the car in Inworld before buying
[We have provided a place for you to test a cart]

Click HERE to buy at SL Marketplace
Click HERE to see in world second life

# 100% MESH
# 4 land impacts for rezzer.
# 7 land impact for Tuk Tuk Tour Cart
# 7 seater  and sit poses
# 3 colors selected -33/88/15
# easy to control a car
Gas / forward ↑ or W
Brake/Backward ↓ or S
Steer Left ← or A
Steer Right → or D
# Public access..anyone can drive.
#click the tail lamp for horn sound. 
#7 prim counted when rezzing the car
# it will disappear when people left the car. unlimited rez.
# different sound of motors depending on the action
#6 seat for Passenger
#Vehicles are low prims, so there is no attachment
*** How to start drive a car **
-Just rez the rezzer
-touch the remote to select the color for your car.
-Touch the Diver seat to start drive.
-anyone can rezz and ride the car

the car driver has to click on the Driver seat to drive
before taking a passenger. if not it will disappear.
It will disappear when car driver leaving the car.

copy/mod version
scripts and poses in copy perm only

********No refund on Copied items**********

Please watch the video for more details or visit our website.

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