Monday, August 31, 2015

GO KART Circuit and game

by Lim Pikajuna

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Go Kart /Kart Circuit -Game
# 100% Mesh
# 73 meter X 192 meter Base
# 153 land impact all -[ Version is 188 land impacts]
  [ Track ,spectators seats , tunnel , Race Track Fence [Catch Fence]Left/Right Road Sign ,mini billboard ,score board ,kart /ball/box rezzer , rainbow ,green light , zombie and Tire Barrier,

#Go Kart only 2 land impacts [ 10 units difference color car]
#Game :
 1. Speed Lap "GAME OVER" sign
 - limit 40 second for driving skill and speed

 Version 2 add new score board and new rezzer

2. high score Point correction
 - hit the green light and zombie to correct point ,
   the score will show at the score board.

** only use your own go kart to correct point **
   please buy a  car at vendor if you not a kart owner

# type in local chat box "/2 reset " to reset the score board.

3. Scorpion Ball Game
-rez a scorpion kart and rez a ball .
 move the ball into the color round hole with scorpion kart in 1 min [get your score]

** click the score board number holding until it resets the mark.**

4. rez a box or ball
- you can design your own game.

Please watch the tutorial Video :-
# How to rez a Circuit

# how to rez a go kart

1. click the car rezzer
2. goto driven menu 
3. select option ,Click "Pos Sync" change it to OFF.
4. select "Back"
5. rez the all kart or select either one.
6. remember to "Derez All" when re rez a kart.

# how to rez  box ,ball and scorpion kart

# how to reset the score board
# how to play the game

Go KART Items - Reseller Kit Instructions- Start earn Money $$$$

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For any question, please IM Lim Pikajuna
scripts and poses in copy perm only

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