Monday, August 31, 2015

Off Land City for 4096 land

by Magnum Beltis

Click HERE to visit in world second life
Click HERE to buy at SL Marketplace

off land city for 4096 sq meter land -/building[Sky-box]
this 3D building is out off your land ,[neighbor's land]
it for who like a privacy at Sky. and the scene look like surrounding City.
Please visit inworld to see this sky box before you buy.

# Use CasperVend Rezzer-one click to rez everything
#100 % mesh
#only 29 land impacts all
# Ground sky platform,3D building [hotel and apartment]
   Antenna,billboard,signboard and city scene
# the ground and the drive way is in your own land
   [ you can delete the street lamp post to save another 4 land impact]
# all the texture map is in the object content [full perm]

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