Friday, November 20, 2015

Floating House with swimming pool

by Lim Pikajuna

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Floating House V 1.0 /gangway and furniture rezzer]2 storey
-Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system
#100% Mesh -low LOD
# 56 land Impact -with full furnished is 109 land impact
# 16 meter X 32 meter [512 land]
# 1 welcome area /Living hall/Fireplace/Kitchen /dinning area/ patio /bedroom /bathroom and swimming pool
# 2 windows controller [ G floor and 1 floor] watching video
# lock able door  by AEONVOX DOORS SYSTEM
#stair case with hidden light [ on/off automative]
# bath room door open/close Automative -when walk near to the door.
#  706 poses and animation poses
# [Furnished rezzer] rez any furniture you like
** Furniture in the "Furniture Rezzer**
    a)Living set- 5 LI-10 poses
   b) Kitchen set-5 LI- 5 animation poses
   c) Dinning table set- 6 LI-36 animation poses
   d) beach chair and table- 3 LI- 16 sitting poses
   e) Pool Umbrella -3 LI- open/close
    f)Bush-1 LI-
    g)Plant-2 LI-
    h) Cex-Bed -600 animation poses
    i)Bench -2 LI- 4 sitting poses
    j) Office chair-1 LI- 10 sitting poses
    k) office table with computer  -2 LI-  Metaverse TV
    l)pool Mattress-1 LI- 8 poses
    m) pool ladder-1 LI-
    o) rental bot-1 LI-
    p)coconut tree- 6 LI-
    q)Living TV cabinet set- 3 LI -Metaverse TV
    r) bed room  TV  cabinet-2 LI- Metaverse TV
    s)sanitary -basin table-toilet bowl-shower- 6 LI- 11 animation poses
# all the texture map is in the object content.[Full Perm]

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