Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Cabin

By Lim Pikajuna

Click HERE to see item in world Second Life

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FEATURES [ please watch tutorial Video ]
-Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system
-use Machess Multi-scene House Controller
-2 story
-100% Mesh
-Texture map including in [object content]
- 15mX 23mX 20 Meters tall
-62 land impacts for Structures and Full Furnished

-Master Bed Room
-Bath Room
-Living Hall

- Car port
- Balcony
- Stair

-super large LED TV and cabinet
-LCD TV at bedroom and cabinet
-Cex Bed [600animation pose ]
-Living set /sofa set

-Bath Room
-Security system.[ remember click off  when rez a cabin]-controller
-windows blind -use house controller
-balcony :note card and massage giver.visitor list
-Fan- use house controller
-light -use house controller
-door bell
-fireplace -use controller
-Prim counter- controller
-23 x15m Base/Footprint(good to fit at 512 sq.meter land)
-Included Auto send welcome note , so you can keep track of who enters the balcony

-Comes fully copy able and Modify able [resize a mesh could increase the prims count]
-Except all pose and script can not modify
-New, Modern, and original Architecture
-No refunds on Copy able Items.

** Secure System**
remember to click "off" after rez the Cabin.[it work only for your own land]
right click the controller -select edit link- select secure system-
goto content -open the white list - type the name who you allow to enter
into your land and cabin.

** fireplace **
use house controller to ON/OFF the fire

** Windows and door **
use house controller to access to  the owner, group or public

** Prim Counter **

work only for your own land.

** Bed Detail**
click THE LINK

** Bath Room**
click THE LINK

** Living Set **
click Link

How to Rez  :- watch Video

use Viewer 3 or some else viewer capable for mesh house or mesh item.
resize a mesh could increase the prims count.not like normal prims
Mesh textures dont work like textures of prims, because usually mesh have only some faces or just one.
be careful how you change and modify your home.

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