Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bar Counter

by Hapymart Alex

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Club Bar Counter

# bar counter 100 % mesh
# 19 land impact  [Counter/ receptionist/Cash Register/beer glass/bar stool and halogen light]
# copy and modify permission
# shadow map
# all texture [full perm] in the counter's content

**Free Bonus**
# 3 Bar stool [3 land impact]copy/mod
    3 sitting pose and 6 sitting poses.
# receptionist 1- 2 land impact.-copy/mod perm
# Beer given-touch to get a free beer-wear it .( 2 land impact)
   [drink animation pose and drunk fall down animation pose]
# Cash Register  -2 land impact- copy/mod
please set LOD value to 4.00 and above

another is you can put a dance pole at the top counter.
buy the dance pole here:-
or watch video here:-

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