Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CEX Bed-600 animation-

by Secondbiz Engineer.

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#100% Mesh
# only 7 land impact [Prims]
#-round bed-blanket-pillow-back wall design-shelve-cabinet and lighting.
#come with texture map and  1 shadow map.[full perm]

Free Item

Buy one  free one [CEX Bed V2]without canopy.
#100%mesh-7 LI-600animation pose-texture map-on/off blanket-
 # 600 animation poses and sound.
#Group[3 person/4 person]-Boy/Girl - Lesbian - Gay - Fore and After ,Cuddles.
# please watch the YouTube video for the animation pose.
# tried it in-world second life.

How to remove the blanket.

1. touch the blanket.
2.the menu pop out-select "Extras"
3.then click the "Blanket on/off" to remove or keep it.


this video is without modify the time frame speed .

1 comment:

  1. Great bed, but it needs a cover script for sleeping. Need a 3 person sleep cuddle with covers for those cold winter nights.