Friday, May 23, 2014

SKY Discotheque V5.0

by Lim Pikajuna

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Click HERE visit in-world second life

Please see in world second life. see the new update DJ gear [04/01/2015]

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SKY Discotheque V5.0

(full furnished and deco-169 land Impact)

watch video here:-

support URL :-

FEATURES    [ use Auto rez-Faux ]


-24 Meters tall

-34 x 44m  Base (good to fit at 4096 sq. meter land)

--95 Prims(SKY II Ship Structure)
- Use Club Controller to rez Disco Stuff [ 81 Land Impacts]

-welcome Area

How to rez the Disco's Furniture and stuff
see the pic below :-

Free Item:-

******Full set DJ gear ******

a. DJ counter with colour LED TV
b.CD music deck and CD mixer[menu-driven...15 radio station]
            [can add more  station  in notecard  and get the URL here:-
c.2 nos CD player
d.DJ table with DJ animation pose[click table to start DJ animation pose]
e. 2 pairs hanging animated speaker .
f.  big Screen TV with --3 dancing girl gif animation--

******Free Dance Pole******
Menu driven Dance pole
- Auto Menu for Dancers
- Owner Menu for Access features
- Owner/Group/Anyone Access
- 17 REALISTIC Dances included
- AUTO switch Dance Mode
- 22 Colors selectable or AUTO

******Lighting console and fog machine******
  all scene view ,lighting and fog control with this console.

 please visit in-world second life ,test all the lighting and scene view.
****** Bar Counter******
- bar counter and Bartender animation pose-click table to start bartender animation pose.
-Beer given free with drink animation pose
-Beer /Liquor and wine display .
-halogen light with light beam.

****** Sofa Set/Plant/bar stool ******
-Full set sofa ,table,plant and bar stool [with 15 sitting pose ]
-Flashing and sparkling dance ball with 35 animation poses

Click Audio Mixer to select your Radio Channel/Station....
you also can add the radio station you like for example here:-
1.right click the Audio Mixer.
2.go to edit menu. Object " edit link check box" again the mixer content. the URL notecard. the radio channel here
9. copy the Link location .paste to the note card .save .

-Comes fully copyable and Modify able for  SKY Discotheque structure
-Except some free items is not copy and modify
-New and  Modern Architecture
-No refunds on Copyable Items.


1) Take out [SKY II Rez-Box] (Package Crate)from your invertory
    put it at your land center or sky ( where do you want to put your SKY II)

2) Click on the Package Crate and select 'Rez'.

3)  Edit the Package Crate and move it to  adjust the location of the build.

4) Click on 'Derez' to put the build away(delete) or

5) click 'Save' to lock that build into place. Once it is saved, it cannot be moved again
     or Derezed.


Here are some basic troubleshooting tactics to get you started:

The structure is scrunched against the ground.
    If the pieces would end up below the ground, they'll "give up" and sit at ground level.  Move or rotate
    the Rez-Faux object to lift them out.
The structure is scrunched against the sim border.
    If you're at the very edge of the world, the pieces may try to fall off into the void, but they'll stop
    themselves before they go that far.  Move or rotate the Rez-Faux object away from the edge of the
    world to fix this
I lost a piece of the structure!
    If your pieces end up over a neighbor's plot with autoreturn on, they may return to your inventory. 
    Just Derez the structure, move the Rez-Faux object, and re-rez it.

       NOTE: If you do not 'Save' a build you have 'Rez'ed it will disappear when the Package Crate is removed.                       
        Be sure to 'Save' when finished in order to conserve sim resources,

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