Saturday, July 19, 2014

BALI Style-shower room-Lavatory

by huang Wiranata

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#100% mesh
# all in 6 land Impacts
    [Toilet bowl,toilet seat,basin,tap,mirror,shower head set,
      on/off switch ,wall,ceiling,floor tile,stone and shampoo display]
# size in  L5.5m x W3.7 x4.8ht
# 4 animation pose for shower,
# 4 animation poses for toilet bowl
# 3 animation poses for Sink.
# On/Off switch for shower water .
# open/close for  toilet seat.
# Use driven menu for this 11 poses.
# including all the texture/shadow and Bump map[in full perm]
# all the script and  poses is in copy version

Bali Style-Shower Room.Version 1.0
Basin set -single
Toilet bowl/seat-single
read me -note card.

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