Monday, July 21, 2014

Water Jazz Lounge 3.0

by Lim Pikajuna

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#100% Mesh
#158 Land Impact [Building Structure and bridge]
# use Club Controller to rez all furniture and stuff
   all 81 land impact
#Size 26m x 28 m
 # hanging footbridge [free bonus]

#dance floor with  dance ball with animation dance poses
#Bar counter with bartender animation poses
#piano/play piano music with animation poses
#round sofa with setting poses
#main entrance
#4 unit VIP room
   b.2 set round sofa with 4group sitting poses
   c. round dance platform  with pole and disco light.

 How to rez the Jazz Lounge use Auto-Rez Faux System

1) Take out [Rez-Jazz Lounge V3.0] (Package Crate)from your inventory
put it at your land center ( where do you want to put your lounge)move it up 15 meter high

2) Click on the Package Crate and select 'Rez'.

3) Edit the Package Crate and move it to adjust the location of the build.

4) Click on 'Derez' to put the build away(delete) or

5) click 'Save' to lock that build into place. Once it is saved, it cannot be moved again
or Derezed.

NOTE: If you do not 'Save' a build you have 'Rez'ed it will disappear when the Package Crate is removed. Be sure to 'Save' when finished in order to conserve sim resources,

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