Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seaside Villas Home stay and Club House.

by Lim Pikajuna

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Seaside Villas , swimming poor and store.
# 95% mesh build up
# 437 land impacts-Building structure ,pool ,retail store and Landscape
# good for 4096 land.
# 4 units rent able villas [51 land impact -full furniture each Villa]
# Swimming Pool -[ 36 land impact-for Pool accessory and plant]
# for rental business
# environment sound "bird sound"
# use rezzer bot .[rez-seasidevilla] and Furniture rez [to control your land impact]

1. Villas = 4 units Villa [ green/red/brown and blue]
     each units  have own :-
                                       a. carport
                                       b. helipad
                                       c. drive-way
                                       d. staircase
                                       e. rental bot
                                       f. windows controller, Lighting and ceiling fan
                                       g.1st floor- Living hall and kitchen [sofa set ,dining set and kitchen cabinet]
                                       h. ground floor - master bed room and outdoor platform
                                       i. basement  is bath room/bathtub /shower and toilet.

HOW TO SUBDIVIDE LAND                                                         click HERE
HOW TO ACCESS THE VILLA - Door Control                            click HERE
HOW TO ACTIVE THE SECURITY SYSTEM -                          click HERE   
HOW TO USE THE CONTROLLER FOR -Window/Fan /Light   click HERE 
HOW TO USE THE KOOL DOOR ACCESS-                              click HERE

## How to Rez the Villa  watch the tutorial below##

# Living set 

# Dining set

# Kitchen 

#Round Bed  
with 600 animation poses.

# Study table set

# Lounger

# Lounger Chair

# Ceiling fan


# Basin and Shower room

#Toilet Bowl


# Rental Bot 

# Metaverse TV




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