Saturday, January 14, 2017

C-Fi Miami Condominium

by Lim Pikajuna

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 -Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system
 -SL TV 
 -Use Condor Elevator- setup Elevator

 # 100% Mesh
# 16 storey condo/Mall- building side
#104mx52m Base/Footprint[143m tall]
# 478 land impacts
# 2 story proposed for Casino or Shopping mall or .........
# 6 Story -12 Units Luxury Condo [ use Rezzer Controller]
                 - 75 land impact for each condo furniture. 
# 6 story - 6 units Retail Store
# Swimming Pool
# Children Play ground
# Basketball court.
# Escalator and Elevator
# driveway
# House controller for every unit Condo:-
                                                                  1. rental bot-click HERE for detail
                                                                  2.Kool Door-click HERE for detail
                                                                  3.Living area
                                                                  4. Dining Area
                                                                                -Kitchen Cabinet /Kitchen table
                                                                                -Basin /tap/ refrigerator/Microwave/Oven
                                                                                 Gas Stove Hood and kitchen Stool
                                                                  6. Office-click HERE for detail
                                                                  7. Bedroom-bedroom closet-Click HERE for detail
                                                                  8. Bathroom/toilet-Click HERE for detail
                                                                  9. bed room -shower room
                                                                  10 .Balcony - beach chair -click HERE for detail

 all building texture map is in the object content [full perm]

-Comes fully copy able and Modify able
-Except some script and animation pose can not modify
-New, Modern, and original Architecture
-No refunds on Copy able Items.

# Kitchen and Bathroom

# Living,Office ,indoor garden and Balcony
 # Bed room,Shower Room and Closet

# Top roof,helipad, mall second floor and main entrance

 # Swimming Pool

 # Basketball court.

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