Monday, January 2, 2017

Hotel Structure without Door ,windows glass,furniture and elevator

by Lim Pikajuna

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This Hotel come with ground ,Beach ,driveway,retail store space,staircase to top floor[L&R]
26 units hotel rooms,office room, meeting room, gym room,disco lounge,children play ground,swimming pool ,helipad ....but without door ,windows glass,Furniture and elevator car.

-Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system
-100% Mesh
- 46 Meters tall
-64x64m Base/Footprint(good to fit at 4096 sq.meter square land)
-349 land Impact .
-12 nos Deluxe Room -use house controller for room furnished
-14 nos Suite Room-use house controller for room furnished
-Garden pack - at ground -Hotel main entrance
 -Beach side    
 - retail store - hotel ground floor- right and left side Hotel
  -2 nos Elevator shell- left and right-fake elevator door -**without elevator car.**7 floors
 -Discotheque at 5rd floor -
-Gym Room at 6rd floor
-Hotel MD office-at 6rd floor
-Hotel Meeting Room- at 6rd floor
-Hotel Swimming Pool -Top floor
-Children play ground-Top floor
-Helipad  - Top floor -for helicopter landing.
-all the structure texture map is full perm[ in the object content]
  - so you can modify yourself-

Comes fully modifiable [reside]and copy able,

-New, Modern, and Low prims Architecture
-This is not for beginners and requires patience to get right! *

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