Thursday, January 12, 2017

[role play] 8 Units [MESH] Water Chalet with wooden footbridge

by Lim Pikajuna

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-100% MESH- Low LOD 
-16.5 Meters tall
-321 land Impacts Structures /Footbridges and Trees
-8 units water chalet- each unit furniture is 28 Land impacts
- use house controller to rez furniture/shower room ,bed room,dining set TV living set,
  beach chair and window blind.
- 64X64m Base/Footprint.
-Capacity for 8 rent able Units
- 2 Balconies every Unit and Dock

-Using AUTO-REZ FAUX system


-SLTV Free Television.but you can replace your  own TV too.
-Bed/blanket with 74 animation pose.
- table
-Living sofa with 4 animation poses
 -Shower room [version 2.0]
- dining set- 4 chair with table
                  # 9 animation poses each chair
                  # breakfast,soup,wine and turkey 
-Bathroom -on/off shower,sound with 4 animation poses.
                 -Basin -3 animation poses
                 -Toilet bowl-  4 animation poses
-balcony chair 4 pose
-stair case to bed room
-Rental Bot v1.5
-foot bridge walk way
-on/off lighting and fan [bed room]
-Coconut tree and grass
- all building texture map is in the object content [full perm]

-Comes fully copy able and Modify able
-Except some script and animation pose can not modify
-New, Modern, and original Architecture
-No refunds on Copy able Items.

 # how to set the rental bot.

 # How to use the shower room

# How to use the dinning set

# How to setup the door 

# click the bed to activate before use
watch bed setup video  HERE

  How to rez the Water Chalet use Auto-Rez Faux System

1) Take out [rez-WaterChalet 2017 V1.0] (Package Crate)from your inventory
put it at your land center ( where do you want to put your lounge)move it up 15 meter high

2) Click on the Package Crate and select 'Rez'.

3) Edit the Package Crate and move it to adjust the location of the build.

4) Click on 'Derez' to put the build away(delete) or

5) click 'Save' to lock that build into place. Once it is saved, it cannot be moved again
or Derezed.

NOTE: If you do not 'Save' a build you have 'Rez'ed it will disappear when the Package Crate is removed. Be sure to 'Save' when finished in order to conserve sim resources,

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